April 2022: Trader of the Month - Planted Pasty

Tell us a bit about your business:

We’re a Catford based, plant-based bakery with a focus on community, youth and making simple everyday grub exciting and accessible to all. I’m keen to give young people like me (I’m 23) a platform to sell their stuff, which is why I’ll be showcasing a different baker or maker every month at my stall, so keep an eye out for that!

How did the pandemic affect your business?

Planted Pasty was actually born out of the pandemic! Furlough and the lockdown really gave us the time to plan out the bare bones of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it.

What you do you like most about trading at Catford Food Market?

The community at Catford Food Market is really nice. My market stall neighbour, Karlene from Karlene’s Vegan Eats, is a pleasure to trade next to. She saved the day last month by supplying me a charger and a Wi-Fi hotspot when my phone died- shout out to her! Having the amazing Deborah running the market is also great!

How does it differ from other markets you trade at?

As we (currently) do a lot of wholesale stuff we haven’t traded at as many markets as I’d like so I can’t say too much on the difference of Catford Food Market to others. Having said that, it definitely feels good to be a part of the community I grew up in.

How eco-friendly is your business?

We’re definitely big on making sure Planted Pasty is environmentally viable. Aside from being plant based, it’s important to me that ALL our packaging is eco positive as well as doing all our deliveries on my electric bike. We’ve recently enlisted the help of Hugo’s Eco-Delivery in getting our equipment to the market which means no cars or vans are involved in the business at all!

What does it take to be a successful trader?

The ability to withstand arctic temperatures is a skill worth mastering. The key is in the sock layering.

What are your vegan options?

From our cinnamon swirl topped apple pies to our Corn-ish pasties, we’re out here bringing plant based beauties to the Catford cuties! Vegans and non vegans alike are welcome though, we don’t discriminate.

How important do you think markets are? Has the pandemic changed this?

Massively important for so many reasons. Markets bring communities together through the chats you have with punters, traders and everyone involved. It’s honestly such a pleasure to be a part of. They’ve also been an amazing jumping off point for me to start selling my goodies first hand and getting our name out there. In terms of how the pandemics changed them, I’d like to be positive and hope that it’s going to have a positive impact in the long run. I think one good thing that’s come out of the last couple of years is the push to support local and hopefully that sticks. Here’s to markets and local traders being busier and more successful than ever in years to come!

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got a millions, it’s just picking the right ones. Hopefully creating some more delicious bakes for my SE people. I definitely want to shift our focus to be more market oriented because I love the people and wholesale work can be a lonely place. In the long term I’d love to eventually open my own brick and mortar place. The vision is a community centred cafe slash plant shop that seeks out and exhibits local arts, crafts and more, although we’re a long way off that just now. Baby steps.

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