January 2022: Trader of the Month - Agua Na Boca

Tell us a bit about your business:

We are a tricycle food stall selling mouthwatering Brazilian delicacies across London. 

How eco-friendly are you?

Very friendly. We cycle to the markets and we just sell vegan and vegetarian food, locally sourced.

What are your vegan options?

Gluten free cakes and some gourmet savouries.

How do you promote yourself and how important is it? 

We are very active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. We like to keep our followers updated of markets and events as well as new products.

What skills do traders need to have?

Have a good relationship with your customers and deliver high-quality food.

How important is customer service?

Customer service is everything.

What do you like most about trading at Catford Food Market?

Friendly team, friendly customers and a very nice atmosphere

What do you like most about trading at Catford Food Market?

The diverse clientele. I live here so I love to engage with old, new friends, neighbours, locals and visitors. We’re fairly new to the market but everyone we’ve met have been incredibly supportive.

How important do you think markets are? Has the pandemic changed this?

Markets bring the community together, the pandemic affected markets a little bit because they needed to reduce the number of stalls, but open markets are safer to shop at than going to a supermarket.

What are your plans for the future?

Open a cafe/restaurant and do more festivals.

What is your idea of success?

Success is when your customer comes back to see you again and again.

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