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Home of the Kolkata Kati roll this is north eastern Indian wrap culture right here in south east London. This stall run by the lovely and talented Rinku Dutt creates street food that is easy to actually eat in the street.

Fresh pillowy naan is wrapped round marinated grilled chicken, lamb or spiced chickpeas and served topped homemade salad and condiments to make a wrap you’ll remember. Rinku and her team make all their marinades, salads and sauces from scratch using recipes learned in India and adapted to London tastebuds. Try a portion of gourmet chunky masala fries on the side too.

Don’t forget to order a mango lassi to go with it and enjoy eating ‘dhaba’ or kerbside Indian style. Raastawala had queues out the door when they appeared at last year’s Catford Gin Festival so come along and see what you missed.


Jerk Off BBQ

Daniel and Heleena are bringing Caribbean street food to Catford Food Market. Mixing their Bajan and Jamaican roots with their London heritage they create mouthwatering jerk chicken and ital vegan boxes along with their own hot sauces and homemade jerk marinades to take home.
And when you remember Barbados is famous throughout the Caribbean for their pepper sauces and Jamaica is the home of jerk, you know this is a match made in heaven. They’ll be firing up the grill for the best jerk in town, not only the most succulent marinated chicken but an epic variety of the best authentic vegan jerk in town. Along with their monthly specials, this is a lunchtime not to miss!



Van Dough

You’ll spot these pizza wizards immediately at Catford Food Market. They are quite literally  the van with the best dough on the block. These South East Londoners serve you freshly cooked sourdough pizza from their wood fired oven in the back of their vintage Citroen Hy van all to order.

There will no problem getting your kids to eat their crusts with these glorious slow risen sourdough pizzas. Made from Van Dough’s own lovingly cultivated starter many people find easier to digest than yeasted doughs from big chains. The pizzas are shaped in front of your eyes, topped with their homemade tomato sauce and quality meats, cheeses and seasonal toppings before being cooked in their amazing fire breathing van.

You can ask for a box to take your pizza home but we like to be environmentally friendly and eat ours with our hands by the van people watching as we fight over the last slice. 



The only people who love their fried chicken more than South Londoners are the Japanese who have a whole ‘kara-agé’ chicken culture that fusé are bringing to Catford Food Market  for you to try.

Tender chicken thigh pieces are marinated in sweet garlicky ‘kara-age’ sauce before being coated and fried in the lightest crispest wheat and gluten free batter and served with either seasonal rice such as ginger or radish or hand cut sweet potato fries. And we haven’t left the vegans and vegetarians out either with ‘kara-agé’ deep fried tofu for them.

Most South London chicken shops definitely don’t have the same skills with veg as fusé do. They’ve got amazing green salads with citrussy yuzu dressing or a  kick of heat of wasabi cucumber as well ‘den gaku’ tofu skewers with aubergine and courgette or freshly salted edamame beans while you wait.


Agua Na Boca

Selling sweet and savoury Brazilian street food, there is a reason the name of this stall translates as ‘mouthwatering’ because that’s what you’ll be doing as you decide what to try first.
We suggest starting with some of Brazil’s naturally gluten free snacks such as the world famous pao de queijo or cheese bread. Savour the favourite meat snack in Brazil with the coxinha de frango or potato pastry stuffed with chicken, tomato and cream cheese. Other savouries vary from month to month so there’s always something new to sample.

If you are meat free choose from a huge selection of ever changing dishes each month from vegan kibe made from bulgar wheat, empadinha de palmito or hearts of palm pies and cheese pastries known as rissois.
Don’t miss the freshly made churros or doughnuts filled with chocolate or salted caramel sauce or take home some brigadeiros or Brazilian chocolate truffles in a variety of flavours. 
And stock up on alfajores or dulce de leche filled biscuits or maybe a slice or two of the gluten free flourless carrot and banana Brazil nut cakes to make your weekday coffee breaks full of São Paulo inspired sunshine.

route 66.jpg

Route 66

Take a little road trip to Catford Broadway for these California style tacos and burritos, and taste the love and care in each flour tortilla they roll. Concentrating on quality ingredients such as free range eggs in their famous breakfast burritos, succulent pulled pork, homemade sauces, salsas and frijoles, Route 66 go the extra mile.
Don’t miss the SoCal classic of fish tacos filled with fresh cod, avocado and coriander or the beer battered shrimp with chipotle and lime. You can even show how much you love someone by sharing some nachos with them while you wait to get your chops round the quesadillas filled with chicken and chorizo and dipped in homemade crema.


The Nooch
As essential to your vegan lifestyle as the nutritional yeast this up and coming street food stall is named for, we suggest you queue early for their seitan steak sandwiches and pulled jackfruit burgers. They sold out at the first Catford Food Market and you’ll see why when you get your hands on their delicious food.

Vegans will love the attention to detail in these dishes and omnivores won’t miss the meat at all. The Nooch use their twenty years experience of vegan cooking to create food you’ll come back for. Completely plant based, totally delicious, it’s a real lunchtime treat.

And for the early birds they’ll also be launching a wrap with tofu scramble, spinach and black beans for a perfect brunch option. The Nooch is a great way to explore veganism.



Practically the second religion of Spain, croquetas are a tapas favourite throughout the country and CroquetteMan has made creating croquettes their vocation in life. It’s their party and they’ll fry if they want to.

The Catford duo are showcasing their interpretation of the Spanish delicacy of  rich creamy bechamel sauce fused with  jamon or mushroom, leek and truffle is wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried. It's a gooey savoury snack everyone will love. .



Comfort and Joy

Lunchtime will feel like a real street picnic with the amazing hot and cold dishes Comfort and Joy create for you in their Crystal Palace cafe and kitchen. Particularly famed for their fantastic vegetarian Scotch eggs and falafels they also have range of hot foods for meat free eaters such their curries, polenta pots and three bean chilli.

Comfort and Joy don’t forget about the carnivores either with traditional meat pies, made from scratch sausage rolls or hot ready to eat  Thai chicken curry or classic lasagne. Gluten and wheat free eaters have a great range of clearly labelled dishes too such as the sweet potato and kale tortilla.

Your Monday packed lunch is going to be the talk of the office when you bring a little Comfort and Joy with you from the Catford Food Market.


Pastificio Mansi

Bringing handmade fresh pasta to South London since 2012, Pastificio Mansi create incredible filled pastas that we love as a meal in themselves packed with top quality ingredients. Or base a dish on the gorgeous gnocchi, tagliatelle and other lesser known shapes that you can get really creative with.

A true taste of Italy via Peckham, you’ll have the chance to try classic flavours such as spinach, ricotta and pine nut with nutmeg or new tastes like chestnut flour pasta. These pastas are perfect with your own ‘signature’ bolognese or use them as a vehicle for drizzling some Sardinian olive oil or sheep’s milk cheese from neighbouring stall Capo Caccia.

Whatever varieties you go for, Pastificio Mansi pasta is even quicker and easier than ordering a takeaway for dinner. They are making pasta much more interesting than that packet at the back of the cupboard.

Capa capcio.jpg

Capo Caccio Fine Food

They’ve been introducing Catford to the simple but luxurious taste of Sardinian food on their stall for special events since 2013 but this is Capo Caccio’s first monthly SE6 residency so you can indulge your cheese and cured meat cravings on the regular.

The small Mediterranean island of Sardinia is famed the world over for its wide variety of cheese, pasta and seafood and Capo Caccio Fine Food are the only market traders selling Sardinian food in London.

Celebrate the taste of the Southern Med with a range with items such as organic unpastuerised pecorino cheese with saffron, hand rolled fregola which crosses pasta with couscous for soups and salads and their air dried gluten and lactose free salamis. 

And give fish a new twist in Catford with their unique seafoods such as the legendary cured bottarga and smoked swordfish which are is great on pasta but definitely our favourite on a homemade pizza.

Smoke house.jpg

London Smoke & Cure

This Crystal Palace based company are the modern face of traditional food preserving techniques. Their beautiful meat, fish and cheese has been preserved and given unique flavour with their famous smoking and curing. From back bacon to twice smoked cheddar and sashimi grade smoked salmon, this is food to add a little affordable luxury to anything from a picnic to a quick fridge forage dinner.

London Smoke & Cure turn ‘things on toast’ into an award winning art form. How do you choose between the mackerel pate, the smoked cashew nut butter or the spicy spreadable nduja? The simple answer is that you make more rounds of  toast and make it a three course meal of smoked and cured delicacies. When food is created with this love and skill it would be a shame to pick favourites.

Brett & Bailey stall B.jpg

Brett and Bailey

South London cake royalty, we couldn’t possibly not invite these baking legends to your market. Creating cakes and bakes in Crystal Palace since 2012 we’ve been fans since the start.

Catch up with those classics you crave all month round such as their double carrot cake (practically five a day right?) chocolate Guinness cake, gooey salted chocolate brownies and those peanut butter bars drizzled with salted caramel. 

Or try something new each visit with their seasonal specials such Scandinavian semlor for Lent, a slice of  spring’s famous Rhubarbra Streisand, summer’s Strawberry Fizz with lashings of prosecco or a Christmas favourite like the  chestnut cheesecake which we actually think about all year round.

They are so cake famous they even feature in The South London Cookbook which you can buy on their stall as a great year-round gift if you love cake and Catford.

missflits website.jpg

MissFlits Bakes Vegan

This is vegan cake so good Team Catford described it as ‘worth going vegan for’. Perfect for anyone who is vegan, dairy free or just really likes cake.This is ‘normal’ cake you simply won’t believe is vegan and cruelty free.

If you are missing Nutella since going vegan, don’t miss the chocolate hazelnut sponge with a rich chocolate ‘butter’ cream and roasted hazelnuts that feels like the Ambassador is really spoiling you. Or if you don’t tend toward the chocoholic, try the caramel Biscoff spread cupcakes for sugar and spice and all things nice. There’s also a range of brownies and the famed peanut butter blondies.

We also hear a rumour that MissFlits Bakes Vegan has a very cute dog to bring to Catford…

Perlant and Press image 1.jpeg

Perlant and Press

Perlant & Press don’t just serve coffee in style from their gorgeous vintage van but with substance too. Using Redemption Roasters’ socially aware beans roasted in Aylesbury Prison to prevent re-offending in young offenders, this coffee does good while tasting good.

And that care and attention extends to the environment too. Perlant & Press are using zero waste Vegware cups lined with plant oils instead of plastic which are completely compostable. They’ll also be using award winning Northiam Dairy milk from East Sussex which is the discerning barista’s favourite. For dairy free drinkers they have oat and soya mylks.

There is a range of Birchall teas for the grown ups and Small & Wild teas for the small people as well as Jaz and Jul’s hot chocolates (including the famed chilli hot chocolate) and a range of cold drinks including juices and sugar free beverages.

So get your caffeine kick as you wander the stalls at Catford Food Market or watch the Broadway go by. We definitely suggest sampling some cake as well…

SLC Beer Line Up 1.jpg

Three Hounds Beer Company

We know Catford loves its beer from the success of last year’s Catford Beer Fest. So discover the extensive range of craft beers, wines and ciders from local, national and international producers that Three Hounds Beer Company usually stock in their bottle shop in Beckenham.

They’ve got a beer tour of London for you without having to venture outside Catford. From Brick Brewery’s Peckham Pils and India Pale Ales to beer all the way from Tottenham to save you going north of the river, your taste buds can travel while staying home.

Three Hounds Beer Co has such a varied range of beer there’s really something for everyone from a tangy rhubarb sour that’s more like a cocktail to a smooth milk stout to sip, they can almost claim to have a beer for each letter of the alphabet with Wylam Brewery and Yeastie Boys on their shelves.

Warm up for the 2018 Catford Beer Festival with a monthly trip to Three Hounds Beer Co!


Black Mylk

London trailblazers with the first fully vegan ice cream stall in the city, Black Mylk are South East Londoners no less so Catford Food Market is very pleased to welcome them back to home turf.

Black Mylk’s vegan ice cream is created from creamy cashew nuts and rich coconut milk churned to create an ice cream you won’t miss the dairy or eggs in at all. This is seriously stylish ice cream designed for grown ups (mum and dad have to have something to themselves right?) Best selling flavours include Honeycomb and Pine Nut, Black Sesame, Miso Caramel and Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt along with seasonal fruit based scoops.

We tried a Black Mylk Hot Fudge Sundae with homemade vegan brownies, hot fudge sauce and honeycomb topping recently and felt like a rockstar with the amount of people coming up in envy to ask where we got it. You can get your chance every last Sunday of the month at Catford Food Market.