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Catford Pride Pale Ale

Created in conjunction with Brockley Brewery this was the star of the show at the revived Catford Beer Fest in 2017. Available in bottles to take home and enjoy at your leisure this is local beer at its best.

An easy drinking hop driven pale ale. New World hops backed up with biscuity malts give notes of citrus and pine and aromas of wild strawberry with an easy balanced finish and 4.3% ABV Catford Pride goes well with good food or good company.

Even if you haven’t tried the beer before now you’ll recognise the logo. The giant Catford cat gets a new look with Catford Pride.


Catford Tom Cat Six Gin

London has a long history with its love of gin and Catford is right on the cutting edge of the gin revival with their own Old Tom gin that gave us the excuse to throw a weekend long Gin Festival last year. 

Old Tom gins are slightly sweeter than London Dry Gins and ours carefully balances six botanicals including peppery juniper and a subtle sting of Scotch Bonnet peppers for both sipping and serving over ice and a premium tonic water. Distilled in conjunction with Foxdenton Estate and devised here in SE6 it has been much talked about by gin lovers.

Sold in 750ml glass bottles Tom Cat Six makes fantastic cocktails or a great gift to show off Catford’s excellent tastes.




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Hazel Nicholls

Catford gets crafty with local gal Hazel Nicholls’ take on kids’ clothes, ceramics and greetings cards. She creates everything right here in Catford and mixes her adopted South East London home with her Northern Irish roots to make eye catching and humorous items that are a total talking point.

From her Sarf Lahdahn specific mugs celebrating Catford and Ladywell to super soft cotton slogan baby grows or local screen prints to her unique breastfeeding milk jugs everything she sells is funny and quirky and absolutely packed with charm.


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Penola Granola

You know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day but with homemade granola as good as this you’ll want to eat it all day.  Lower sugar and completely gluten free Penola Granola is made with Fairtrade ingredients and is also vegan making it available to everyone.

Blended in Catford using one third gluten free oats, one third nuts, seeds and fruit and one third coconut, it’s a higher protein granola designed to fill you up especially served with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Add a little sunshine to your mornings with the tropical blend or go grown up with chocolate and cardamom or check back each month for the limited editions blends. Penola Granola are making granola delicious again.