Fresh and green


Pastificio Mansi

Bringing handmade fresh pasta to South London since 2012, Pastificio Mansi create incredible filled pastas that we love as a meal in themselves packed with top quality ingredients. Or base a dish on the gorgeous gnocchi, tagliatelle and other lesser known shapes that you can get really creative with.

A true taste of Italy via Peckham, you’ll have the chance to try classic flavours such as spinach, ricotta and pine nut with nutmeg or new tastes like chestnut flour pasta. These pastas are perfect with your own ‘signature’ bolognese or use them as a vehicle for drizzling some Sardinian olive oil or sheep’s milk cheese from neighbouring stall Capo Caccia.

Whatever varieties you go for, Pastificio Mansi pasta is even quicker and easier than ordering a takeaway for dinner. They are making pasta much more interesting than that packet at the back of the cupboard.

Capa capcio.jpg

Capo Caccio Fine Food

They’ve been introducing Catford to the simple but luxurious taste of Sardinian food on their stall for special events since 2013 but this is Capo Caccio’s first monthly SE6 residency so you can indulge your cheese and cured meat cravings on the regular.

The small Mediterranean island of Sardinia is famed the world over for its wide variety of cheese, pasta and seafood and Capo Caccio Fine Food are the only market traders selling Sardinian food in London.

Celebrate the taste of the Southern Med with a range with items such as organic unpastuerised pecorino cheese with saffron, hand rolled fregola which crosses pasta with couscous for soups and salads and their air dried gluten and lactose free salamis. 

And give fish a new twist in Catford with their unique seafoods such as the legendary cured bottarga and smoked swordfish which are is great on pasta but definitely our favourite on a homemade pizza.