Love Catford Food Market? Interested in volunteering for us?  Here's what you need to know.



Can I volunteer at Catford Food Market?

The short answer is yes! Catford Food Market is a community event and you are part of the community. We want to create opportunities for people connected to Catford and share and show off their skills and brilliance.

Maybe you are a teenager or young adult looking to add experience to your CV and discover what about work and community interests you? Maybe you are unemployed or out of the workplace and looking to retrain and make local connections? Maybe you are retired and got years of experience to share? Maybe you just like doing things with people in your neighbourhood at events with cake? Maybe you feel local events often don’t include and represent you and your community?   This is your chance to get in touch and join in.

What kind of roles are there at Catford Food Market?

We have a variety of roles throughout the month and year both on the day of the market and in between.

On market days volunteering roles include:

Stewards - the friendly face of Catford Food Market on Sundays. You get a hi-vis vest (maybe even a clipboard) and a front row seat to meet and greet and make the day great. A good way with people is your best skill here.

First aid – we need at least one registered First Aider on call for each Catford Food Market day. Recognised up to date first aid qualifications must be provided and experience is essential.

Organisers —help support stallholders on the day.  This will include setting up the stalls, handing out flyers, litter picking etc .  It's may not be glamorous but it's vital.

Behind the scenes between events:

Community outreach —make contact and develops links with the local community groups and schools and other organisations such as day centres or places of worship. This is a great role for those people who know everyone or want to get to know more people.

What do I get out of volunteering for Catford Food Market?

There are so many positives volunteering can give you. From work experience and sense of purpose, volunteering can give you a new view on your community and help counter feelings of isolation and loneliness. It can help you develop interests into skills and meet like minded people. And most of all, it’s fun!

We however cannot reimburse people for their time or provide paid employment through volunteering with us.

What do I need to volunteer for Catford Food Market?

You need to be reliable and interested in supporting Catford so whether you can only spare a few hours once a month or a few hours once a week, we’d love to hear from you!

For certain roles you will need to be DBS checked ( and have appropriate qualifications such as first aid training but we’ll talk you through that.

Otherwise simply you need to be yourself and email to get started.