Catford cornucopia

Small is beautiful here at Catford Food Market and we want to celebrate small specialist sellers with our Catford Cornucopia stall. We’ve got the best local drinks and granola to stock your cupboards with as well as Catford’s own Tom Cat Six gin and Catford Pride Pale Ale.

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catford food fayre

Whether you want to enjoy the very best of South East London's street food scene, indulge yourself with scrumptious baked goods, or take home farm fresh produce, we've got something to satisfy all tastes.  You can also quench your thirst with tea and coffee to drink as you shop or beers, juices and sodas to take home to keep the party going.

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Catford Crafts

We aren’t just all about making our bellies happy at Catford Food Market. We’ve got all kinds of fabulous products to pamper your body, please your senses and expand your mind too. From arts and crafts to house and home items you’ll find something for all occasions.

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